Tell me about the ImprovHQ experience.

We combine improvisation with the latest research in leadership, neuroscience, and positive psychology to deliver programs designed to take your organization to the next level. Whether for an individual, a team, or a whole organization, our programs are known to produce effective communication, exceptional collaboration, and engaged cultures.


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What if you already had everything you needed to succeed? Here are ImprovHQ, we believe that the most impactful leaders aren’t “born with” talent—but rather polish their tools regularly and choose often to stock up on more. We help leaders tap into their authenticity.

Team Building 2.0

ImprovHQ attracts teams seeking a new perspective on professional development. Our Team Building 2.0 sessions help teams operate from an engaged place—a place where we listen better,

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Interactive Keynote

Have a conference coming up? Energize your people with a unique ImprovHQ interactive keynote experience. We create memorable events that will keep your participants on the edge of their seats.