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Your Next Chapter - Retreat for Women

This retreat was the most powerful 48 hours of my life!
— Mary Kogut, Partner, Kirkland & Ellis, LLP

What will the next chapter of your life/career hold for you?


For the purpose of gaining clarity about the values and desired outcomes of Your Next Chapter, coaches Rebecca Stockley, Betsy Crouch, and Zoe Galvez guide you through exercises in:


Coaching exercises




I needed this time to focus my thoughts and energy around my own needs, yet this always works best where there are ‘like-souled’ people to share their ideas, their stories, and their support. We need each other in order to find ourselves.
— Edna, YNC Participant

Comfort and Luxury:


The retreat is hosted at a boutique hotel in Sonoma County, nestled in the Redwoods. Join us in a beautiful, peaceful environment for a weekend of reflection, connection, and exploration. Enjoy two nights in your own room at the beautiful and relaxing Boon Hotel and Spa.

Incredible meals catered by world class Food Network chef and restauranteur, Crista Luedtke of Boon Restaurant, Big Bottom Market, El Barrio, and Applewood restaurant.



  • All retreat sessions
  • Two nights in your own room at Boon Hotel
  • All meals: Friday dinner through Sunday lunch.
  • One hour massage

For information about upcoming retreats:

My next chapter is clear because I GAVE myself this gift.
— 2014 Retreat participant

Where will it be? Boon Hotel and Spa:  http://boonhotels.com

Will it feel relaxing and comfortable? Yes, it will. We will have the entire premises to ourselves. Boon is in a quiet serene location surrounded by nature and the freshest air imaginable. This boutique hotel is stylish, clean, and the beds are plush. Boon is laid back, easy-going and cozy.

Will there be a world-class chef preparing our meals? Yes,

What about food requirements? Your dietary restrictions will be taken into consideration. There will be options for vegetarians, vegans, lactose intolerant and more.

What if I haven’t worked with any of you yet?  We look forward to building a connection with you!  We have a reputation for creating a comfortably challenging environment for all participants, and it is not a requirement to have worked with any of us in the past.

Will it be only improvisation?  We will be incorporating methodologies and practices from many disciplines. Reflecting, writing, visualizing, moving, and improvising are all part of our tool-kit.

Do I need to have to have a background in improvisation? The good news is that whether or not you have had improv training, you have been improvising your entire life!  Life is not scripted! We pride ourselves in meeting you exactly where you are, and where you are is the right place.

Will it be fun? Yes! Your are going to have more fun than ought to be allowed.

Will I get tangible results? You’ll leave Boone energized and ready for what comes next. You will have identified your intentions for 2017 and you will have developed skills and practice for increased resilience.

Will there be down-time? Yes. Each day will include scheduled sessions as well unscheduled time.

Does the venue have WiFi? Yes.

WIll there be bicycles to ride? Yes… and there is a beautiful redwood forest nearby.

Who are the retreat participants? We have invited a small group of women with whom we would like to spend a weekend. All of the participants are professional women from a broad range of fields. We’re women of different ages, all in various stages of our lives: The thing we have in common is that we’re all in transition.

Who are the retreat participants?  A small group of wonderful, busy, professional women. We all share a desire to take ownership of the next chapter of our lives, to visualize our next steps, and to identify our intentions for 2017.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.
— Buddhist Saying

About our coaches:


Rebecca Stockley, Improv Lady, is a pioneer in the world of improvisational theater and applied improvisation.  In the mid 1980s she Co-Founded BATS Improv, and was the first Dean of the BATS School of Improv. In addition she has been applying the principles of improvisation in organizations all over the world for the past 30 years.  With an extensive background in Theatre and a firm foothold in the business world, Rebecca provides unique perspective and a gift for connecting with and providing tremendous value to all types of audiences. Clients include:  Stanford University, Pixar Animation Studios, Lucasfilm, Telltale Games, Radius, and Capital One. Rebecca lives to share the joy of improvisation practice with others so that they might experience the power of embodying improvisation principles. www.improvlady.com

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Zoe Galvez has introduced thousands of people to the magic of Improv. She is a creative catalyst whose mission is to help people recognize and utilize their innovative ideas and inspire them to tap into their innate playfulness and wisdom. Her highly intuitive and nurturing style builds a safe environment where students and clients discover the power of purposeful play. She is a professional actor and improviser who has studied with Keith Johnstone, Dave Razowsky, BATS, The Groundlings, and the Moscow Art Theatre. She has performed and worked with (greats) such as John Cleese, and Sam Shepard. She is a Co-Founder along with Betsy Crouch of ImprovHQ, with clients such as Twitter, Autodesk, AAA, LinkedIn, and more.

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Betsy Crouch is an experienced coach, consultant, improviser, and a Co-Founder of ImprovHQ.  She has been inspiring peak performance through sales management, coaching and consulting for over 10 years.  In addition, she completed a two year meditation program and finds a powerful alignment and alchemy between her daily meditation practice and the principles of improvisation.  She has conducted approximately 5,000 one on one coaching sessions.  Betsy holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics from the University of Michigan. She is passionate about helping you find what makes you come alive and supporting you to follow that path.