Our Philosophy


Improv may sound intimidating for some, though we know it has the potential to be deeply transformative. Our interactive learning experiences rooted in improv provide an opportunity for growth through new ways of thinking and being together. We recognize this opportunity, and approach it with purpose. Here’s how we do it:


Prioritize psychological safety.

We all want to feel supported when we try something new. This is something we take extremely seriously. We are proud that the number one piece of feedback we receive from clients is that participants felt safe getting out of their comfort zone to explore new skills.

Find a positive perspective.

We know—and the science shows—that positivity is fuel for creativity, innovation and inclusion. Just like negativity, it’s contagious. Our programs are carefully designed to invite participants to “try on” positivity in a new way, even if they’ve held negative attitudes before.

Value diversity.

We love exploring the richness of diverse perspectives in playful ways. In groups, we may not always play the same note—but we can always find harmony. Our sessions create space to appreciate diversity while uncovering what we have in common.


Our Principles

Over the years, we’ve distilled the principles that make successful improvisers and leaders alike. We enact and teach them in all of our sessions.

Intentional Listening -  Deeper listening means better communication.
Make your Teammate the Hero - Inspire and support colleagues.
Power of Presence - Show up. Be in the moment.
Resilient Response - Be bold. Embrace mistakes as a learning tool. Build compassion.
Open to Yes - Create new habits to open up conversations.
Voice your Ideas - Celebrate diverse perspectives. Be receptive and generative.