Don’t take it from us—hear what our clients have to say.

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As an iOS developer, I find myself having a much more optimistic view of what’s possible. Friends and coworkers have mentioned to me how much I’ve changed (for the better) since I have worked with ImprovHQ.
— Sahil Desa | Google, Engineer
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ImprovHQ led a session for our entire sales organization and it was incredible! They did an amazing job of incorporating messages we wanted to convey/reinforce with our sales reps into the activities.
— Rachelle Diamond | Linkedin, Global Employee Experience Program Manager
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As an engineer, I need to be able to maintain composure in the face of uncertainty & failure. ImprovHQ has helped me think more creatively, communicate more clearly, and reduced my fear of failure.
— Ian Macartney | Dropbox, Engineer
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I learned to think quickly on my feet! These programs are great for problem-solving and communication skills. Plus, it’s just pure fun!
— Rob Chiswa | Facebook
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The single most popular sessions for team building and professional development.
— Thomas Arend | Facebook
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In my industry, every time the phone rings, your day changes. With the skills I learned from ImprovHQ, I’m ready for anything. This training is a game changer.
— Mark Oliveira | Sirach Solutions, Founder

Here at ImprovHQ, we’ve had the pleasure of working with leading businesses and organizations across industry lines.